This Service is only for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus Audio IC Repair, not any other Damage.


if you need more details please Contact US


How do I use this service?

1) Buy it Now and pay with Paypal or Card

2) don't send Cable, Sim Card, Case or Charger as this is not needed for repair.

3) be sure to Wrap your Device in bubble wrap or similar.

4) Place your Mobile Phone with your order form, order ID or Payment ID with your Return Address and Phone number in bag

5) Send your Device to us at the address below via Royal Mail special delivery, UPS, DPD or similar, to ensure your Device is delivered to us safely.


K1 Repair Centre

40-42 High Street




we will send you Tracking Number to track your return Repair.


NOTE:we using for this repair Original Part

Repair Time: 24-48 hours

Part name: U3101

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Audio IC Repair Service

  • There is a large element of risk when performing this kind of logic board level chip repair. Changing IC chips requires a lot of heat and precise work. Because of the compact nature of iPhone logic boards there is always a danger that other components can be damaged in the process, which may render the handset damaged beyond repair. You should only use this service if you agree and accept the risk that your handset cannot be repaired, and may in the process of repair sustain more damage or unusable. If you are not willing to take this risk, then please do no use this service, and instead consider purchasing a replacement handset.